Previous Julia Ideson Award Recipients

2022:Barrie Scardino Bradley, author of Improbable Metropolis: Houston's Architectural and Urban History (University of Texas Press, 2020)

2021:Sandra Lord and Debe Branning, co-authors of The Ghosts of Market Square Park (The History Press, 2020)

2020: No award

2019: No award

2018:Dr. Edward C. Breeden, PhD, author of Education, Politics and the Making of School Desegregation in Houston, Texas (Rice University doctoral dissertation, 2018)

2017:Tyina Steptoe, author of Houston Bound: Culture and Color in a Jim Crow City (University of California Press, 2015)

2016:Jim Bailey & Kimberly B. Lykins, Texas Foundation for the Arts, Post Oak Boulevard, A Texas Legacy, (2016)

2015:Barrie Scardino Bradley, author of Houston's Hermann Park: A Century of Community (Texas A & M University Press, 2014)

2014: No award

2013:Dr. Brian Behnken, author of Fighting Their Own Battles: Mexican Americans, African Americans, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Texas (Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 2011)

2012:Michael Vance, HAM Slices, vol. 2: Vignettes of Houston History (Produced by Houston Arts and Media, 2012)

2011:Steven R. Strom, author of Houston Lost and Unbuilt (University of Texas Press, 2010)

2010:Suzanne Turner and Joanne Seale Wilson, co-authors of Houston's Silent Garden: Glenwood Cemetery, 1871-2009 (Texas A & M University Press, 2009)

2009:Michael R. Botson, Jr., author of Labor, Civil Rights, and the Hughes Tool Company (Texas A & M University Press, 2005)

2008: David Welling, author of Cinema Houston: From Nickelodeon to Megaplex (University of Texas Press, 2007)

Julia Ideson Award Judges

2022:Will Howard and Sandra Lord

2021:Nicolas Cox and Michael Botson

2020: No award

2019:Barbara Eaves, Sarah Jackson, and Edmund Pecht

2018:Mike Vance, Joe Holley, and Dr. Emilio Zamora

2017:Katherine Howe, Nicolas P. Cox, and David Thomas


2015:Barry A Greenlaw, Cheryll A. Cody, and David Bush

2014:Barry A. Greenlaw, Cheryll A. Cody, and John J. Germann

2013:Theresa Jach, Howard Bodner, and James Maroney

2012:Michael Botson, Teresa Tomkins-Walsh, Lisa Struthers, and Chris Drake

2011:John B. Boles, Michael R. Botson, and Doris Glasser

2010:Pat Bozeman, Virginia Bernhard, and Michael Bordelon

2009:Sarah Jackson, Mary Dix, and Louis Marchiafava

2008:Don Carleton, Lee Pecht, and Richard "Dick" Dickerson

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