Please spread the word and help us find new members. If you have access to a list of likely members, which you can share with us, we would appreciate it. The membership application can be emailed to your prospects or photocopied and faxed or mailed to prospective members.

Click here for Membership Application if joining by mail (PDF)

Our membership year runs from January 1 - December 31. Please fill in the membership form and mail it with your check to P. O. Box 27827, Houston, TX 77227-7827. Make your check payable to "Friends of the Texas Room."

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Friends of the Texas RoomMatching Gifts

Are you or your spouse working for or retired from a corporation that makes cultural matching grants or volunteer involvement awards if you give to or do volunteer work for a cultural institution?

Will your employer match your gifts to cultural institutions that qualify under IRS 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code?

The Friends of the Texas Room has such a qualification. Send your corporation's cultural matching funds form with your check for membership in FTxR. If you volunteer your time as an officer of FTxR or in the Texas Room or HMRC, keep track of your hours and turn them in to your corporation so that the FTxR may obtain a grant from your corporation's program. This is "found money" for FTxR and can be used towards making a difference to the Texas Room and HMRC.